• SASS Cowboy Match
    SASS Cowboy Match

    The West Side Renegades will host their monthly SASS cowboy action match on Saturday, March 24th. Sign up at 9 am, shoot begins at 10 am. The cost is $20, lunch available after the third stage. Workers, please be there at 8 am. For more info contact Mike Hudson at 812-457-0304 or michaelbhudson@gmail.com.

  • IDPA Shoot
    IDPA Shoot

    Saturday, March 10th the Practical Action Shooting committee hosts an IDPA shoot. SIgn up at 10 am, new shooter orientation at 10:30 am, shooting begins at 11 am.  For more information contact Doug Klueh at 812-459-6927 or deklueh@yahoo.com