Q:  Who can become a member of the Westside Sportsmen?

A:  Membership shall be open to all males age 18 and over who are in sympathy with The Club and its purpose, and are accepted by the membership.


Q:  If I became a member could I bring my family?

A:  Westside Sportsmans Club members in good standing may bring their immediate family and up to two guests to any facility or venue.


Q:  How Do I become a member of the Westside Sportsmen

A:  All applicants require a sponsor who is already a member in good standing.  Typically the sponsor provides the application and submits it for processing.  Applicants may pick one up at the facility.


Q:  I submitted an application in the past and havent heard from anyone?

A:  Membership is currently open as of January 2016.  All applicant who completely fill out an application that is submitted by a sponsor are maintained on file until the membership opens.


Q:  I am not yet a member but want to know more about the facilities.  Can I tour the grounds?

A:  Our membership is quite proud of our facility.  Use the website advertisements or calendar and visit us at any public event.  There is one most Saturdays of the month and a few Sundays.  The committee sponsoring  a public event can provide or arrange for tours of the facility.  Any member in good standing can also bring two guests to any event or activity.


Q:  I am a member and want to receive the newsletter.  How do I sign up?

A:  At the upper right of any page of the website there is a link to sign up.  Insure you fill out the Membership Code Number from your membership card and select the radio button for "Newsletter Signup"


Q:  I am a member and want make a submission for the Newsletter or a page on the website.  How do I do this?

A:  For small entries of text you can submitt via the "Contact us" page.  Make sure you include your current membership code.  You may also email web@westsidesportsmen.com, place it in the drop box by the sign in box, or give it directly to any Website Committee member.  Please insure you provide all the necessary details including Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How much if there is a cost associated.  We accept all submissions for any month up to 5pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month prior.